Yolanda Coronado

Yolanda Coronado

Senior Director of Finance
Corporate Headquarters
Thousand Oaks, California USA

Length of Service

17 years

What I love most about my job at Teledyne?​

The people I work with. We have a great team at Teledyne.

Where do you get your motivation from and where did you grow up?

My parents have always been my biggest supporters and motivation in life. They are both Mexican immigrants with very little education who left their country to look for their American dream. Growing up in Somis (a small farming community in Ventura County), you learn to work hard and appreciate everything you have. As a manager of a strawberry field, my mother would take us to work with her to make sure we experienced manual labor so that we could appreciate the importance of an education. Picking strawberries was back-breaking work. It really put into perspective how fortunate I was to have the opportunities my parents never had. My mother was always the first person to arrive at work and the last one to leave. Her work ethic was impressive. I can only hope to be half the person she was as an employee and manager. I work hard to be able to take care of my parents and give back as much as I can. ​