Tracking air quality onboard an aircraft in real-time

While air quality monitoring systems have become widely available for homes, offices, and industrial areas, there is no automatic monitoring equipment installed on board most aircraft today. Yet, unexpected smoke, odor and fume events do happen and can result in potential health hazards to passengers and crew, cancelled flights, and expensive maintenance costs.

Teledyne ACES® environment monitoring system​ is the first FAA certified solution that addresses this problem. Specifically designed for the aviation market, the ACES system leverages extensive air quality expertise within Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, combined with Teledyne Controls’ longstanding experience in aircraft data acquisition, wireless transfer, and flight data analysis.

Teledyne ACES includes onboard devices that are installed in the cabin and flight deck, and continuously sense and monitor the air quality in the aircraft as soon as it is powered. Those devices employ laboratory-grade sensors that record key environmental parameters, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, volatile organic compounds, and several other parameters.

The data recorded by the ACES onboard devices is automatically transmitted during flight and can be viewed in real-time on onboard mobile devices such as iPads, via the ACES mobile app, which provides instant access to the Air Quality Index (AQI) in the airplane along with snapshots of key monitored parameters.

Additionally, the data is transferred to an online cloud service portal that maintenance and engineering teams can securely access to better troubleshoot and diagnose events, identify potential emerging issues, and help prevent future incidents. The transfer happens seamlessly via the ACES built-in wireless module which works with both cellular (4G LTE) and WiFi networks, either after landing or continuously during flight when air-to-ground connectivity is available on the aircraft.

By providing systematic access to accurate air quality data for every flight, Teledyne ACES helps aircraft operators provide a safe flying experience for their passengers and crews.

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