Exploring the Deepest Part of the Planet

Explore the deepest part of the planet with the highest level of confidence. Teledyne Gavia, who design and manufacture the proven and reliable Gavia AUV have introduced the SeaRaptor AUV, a 3000 or 6000m depth rated autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), a newly designed vehicle purpose built for long duration deep sea operations. The modular construction allows for a variety of standard sensor payload configurations or customized to the user’s specific payload requirements. The wide range of sensors along with the addition of descent and ascent weights create a flexible platform for various types of missions. Offering both third party sensors and a broad range of Teledyne Marine’s industry leading sensors and software, the SeaRaptor can be utilized for wide area search, hydrographic survey, and high resolution inspection surveys to support applications such as search and recovery, salvage, exploration, construction support, marine archaeology, and oceanography.

In addition to the Gavia AUV being a mature technology with a high Technology Readiness Level, Teledyne Gavia has years of experience supporting global commercial survey customers. It has been Teledyne Gavia’s experience that commercial survey customers require customer support with very quick response times to meet high operational tempos. Gavia offers mature operational training and maintenance programs in conjunction with experienced field service and field operations staff that are available to support our customers either remotely or in the field. Supporting our customers and ensuring a positive customer experience is of utmost importance to Teledyne Gavia.

Learn more about the SeaRaptor AUV Argeo of Norway, a newly listed company and growing subsea offshore service company, recently purchased two SeaRaptor AUVs from Teledyne. The SeaRaptor AUVs will contribute to Argeo’s growing fleet of AUVs and will enable deep-sea surveys to the benefit of marine industries including offshore wind, aquaculture, deepsea minerals, and offshore oil & gas.

The SeaRaptor 6000m AUVs purchased by Argeo will be equipped with third party sensors and some of Teledyne Marine’s leading sensors including the Teledyne RESON T50-S Multi-Beam dual frequency 200/400 kHz Echo Sounders, Teledyne Benthos Chirp III Sub Bottom Profilers, and Teledyne RDI Tasman DVLs. All data collected will be processed onboard using Teledyne Caris OnBoard postprocessing and mosaicking software to allow quick turnaround during missions.

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