Teledyne technology powers world-leading X-Ray and Radiotherapy Equipment

There are few among us whose families have not been touched by cancer--the experience is simultaneously near-universal and deeply personal. The need for detection and treatment only ever grows; by 2040 there will by 27.5 million new cases every year. Teledyne is proud to supply some of the best technology in the world for detection and treatment. In medical imaging such as mammography, Teledyne digital X-Ray detectors provide better images at a lower X-Ray dose, benefiting both patients and practitioners. And when diagnosis leads to treatment, Teledyne magnetrons power 90% of the world’s radiotherapy machines. Our powerful radio frequency linear accelerators, renowned for their performance, reliability, and service life, are vital to creating the x-ray beams that hospitals use to target and destroy cancer tissue without surgery. While we’re proud of our technology and the advantages it brings, we’re much more proud and thankful that we, with our customers and partners, can contribute to helping treatment facilities and staff around the world save and improve lives. 

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