Tacko Sakho

Tacko Sakho

Customer Support Manager - North America
Teledyne Controls
El Segundo, California USA

Length of Service

7 years

What I love most about my job at Teledyne?

It’s not mundane! By being in direct contact with our customers our team is tasked, among others, to help maintain and improve our customer’s satisfaction level. I see myself always contributing to that effort. Playing a role of an intermediary, I am working to continue to strengthen the relationship with our customers, get their feedback, sharing their inputs internally to helps us improve where needed. I enjoy the collaboration across the company to help manage the customer’s request promptly.

How have you juggled both your career and your family?

I am trying my best to be aware of the amount of time spent inside and outside work (for family and household tasks) and continuously manage it. It is essential to be mindful of everyone’s activities and focus on the important stuff, identify what to eliminate to facilitate others. I tried to involve or at least make everyone aware of my activities so that we all are more respectful of each other’s time at home. With my kids getting older, I find childcare time diminishes as they become more independent. In general, I believe the pandemic had taught us that many tasks or activities could be eliminated, delegated without consequence. I think it is essential to manage, so family life is not taking time away from career development. It is a constant re-evaluation, but both career and family life should cope very well. ​​​​