Mary Ann Danioni

Mary Ann Danioni

Regulatory Affairs Manager
Teledyne DALSA B.V.
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Length of Service

2 years

What I love most about my job at Teledyne?​

I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to work with different cross-functional teams in order to achieve a common goal of delivering safe and compliant products to the market.

Where do you get your motivation from and where did you grow up?

I get my motivation from the challenges that I have had to overcome, both in life and work.
I grew up in Philippines where extra effort is necessary in order to survive in daily life’s challenges. I was raised to believe that the only way out of poverty is to work hard and have focus in achieving one’s goal. I spent 5 years working in the Philippines and later moved to other countries for work (i.e.: USA, Singapore, Italy and The Netherlands). Living and working abroad have taught me to appreciate life in different perspective, adapt to different culture, etc. ​​​​