Debbie Sawyer

Debbie Sawyer

Quality Control Supervisor
Teledyne Relays
Hawthorne, California USA

Length of Service

43 years

What I love most about my job at Teledyne?​

The ability to utilize my Quality Assurance skills.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out or making a career change?

During my 42 + years of experience working at Teledyne Relays, I've realized that there are several key attributes that will increase your potential of excelling and advancing within the organization. Firstly, being open to learning every aspect and concept within your company. Learning the ways of doing things with integrity and honesty. Secondly, maintaining punctuality and dependability, which is a critical key as it communicates your dependability and commitment that you have made to strive for success within your company. Lastly, maintaining a positive attitude while balancing your job duties and family obligations will increase your overall happiness and production. Incorporating these key attributes along with being poised, self confident and having team spirit has helped me to establish longevity within my career at Teledyne Relays. ​​​