Ada Colon

Ada Colon

Quality Supervisor
Teledyne Marine
Daytona Beach, Florida USA

Length of Service

11 years

What I love most about my job at Teledyne?

Teledyne helps those employees that want to grow and succeed reach their goals.

What about your Hispanic heritage has influenced you the most​?

Being Hispanic has been a core part of every aspect of my life.  The beautiful American island of Puerto Rico is what I called home for the first 20 years of my life.  Puerto Ricans are a people that are friendly, faithful, passionate, and loyal, traits that are applied to both our personal and professional lives.  However, above all else to us is la familia, the close knit family ties and frequent family gatherings.  These ties, along with Hispanic traditions, have shaped who I am from a young age, and provide me with some of my most cherished memories.  One predominant example of this is our food and cooking, an aspect that binds the family together.  Despite having lived in the mainland United States for a number of years, with increased access to a wide variety of foods, I still cherish the memories of cooking the special recipes passed down by my grandmother, my mother, and my aunts, recipes that I now share with my family and friends.  To me, nothing is more flavorful or portrays my Hispanic heritage better than Pernil con Arroz con Gandules (Roast Pork with Rice and Pigeon Peas) for our Christmas Eve parties or other special occasions.  

It are these ideals and traditions that really define what it has meant for me to be a part of the Hispanic community, and the ways that I and my family remember and stay true to our Hispanic roots.  And it is these ideals and traditions that defines the Hispanic community – a community that has struggled, persevered, adapted, overcome, and through this not only endeavored to achieve the American dream, but helped define this dream as well.