Steven Reid

Steven Reid

Vice President & General Manager
Teledyne DGO
Portsmouth, NH

Length of Service

3+ years

Tell us a little about your current role and what you enjoy most about it?​

I serve as the Business Leader for DGO. We manufacture hull penetrators, cable assemblies and electrical feedthrough systems for the Defense and Oil & Gas markets. Our products play an integral role in supporting the security and freedoms of the United States and our allies. What I enjoy most is being able to make a positive impact on the business daily and contribute to the overall success of Teledyne.

How have you maintained your mental and physical health and wellness during the pandemic?

I have been able to maintain my mental and physical health and wellness during the pandemic by working out on a regular basis (Aver. 5 days/week), having a healthy diet and spending some quality time with family and friends (Facetime, Zoom, etc.).

What are you most proud of in your life - career, accomplishments, etc.?

I am most proud of having made a positive and long-lasting impact on several individuals through coaching and mentoring throughout my career. It has been very rewarding and energizing to help others achieve their goals and excel in their careers. ​​​